Bluberry,Lemon and Honey Flapjacks...

We have had gorgeous weather the last couple weeks, perfect for sitting outside in the afternoons or spending the day in the garden. These flapjacks are delicious and a lovely treat with a cup of tea, especially after a day spent gardening.


600g porridge oats
250ml honey
250g blueberries
200ml coconut oil
zest of 1 lemon


1. Heat the coconut oil and honey till melted.
2. Once melted add the oats and blueberries and mix gently till combined.
3. Place in a baking tray and bake in the oven at 180 for 20 min or until lightly golden on top.
4. Once baked leave to cool. Cut into squares with a sharp knife .

The sweet honey is cut by the subtle lemon flavour and sharp blueberries and is the perfect combination of crispy and chewy.

Urban Escape Harpenden - Style and Couture Evening...

Tonight I was lucky enough to be invited to the Style and Couture evening held at Urban Escape in Harpenden. It was an evening dedicated to showing people how to recreate their favorite styles at home and answering any hair related questions you may have.

On arival, you were greeted by the gorgeous Ellie, Amy and Natalie, with a lovely glass of prosecco and then shown to your chair where you could ask your stylist to show you how to recreate your favorite look. They also provided you with lots of tips and information on how best to look after your hair.

Everyone that came to the evening seemed to have a lovely time and all looked absolutely gorgeous on leaving. The combination of prosecco, hair and an amazing team of stylist made for a wonderful evening enjoyed by all.

The Harpenden team, managed by Deepa is the most wonderful and talented group of stylist and always take the very best care of you when you visit the salon. If you have not yet found 'your perfect salon' I highly recommend that you pay a visit to Urban Escape in Harpenden