The Fitness Space Harpenden - Grand Opening...

Today I attended and covered the Grand Opening of The Fitness Space Harpenden.  It was a great morning with two special guests, one being the mayor of Harpenden, who helped Aarron the owner cut the ribbon and the other was Tim Benjamin, ex GB athlete and the creator of The Fitness Space Franchise.

Aarron and the Mayor cutting the ribbon.

Tim Benjamin | Mayor of Harpenden 

The Gym

Now I could be biased as 1. Aarron and the gym are my neighbors, no excuse living upstairs. And 2. I am a member there. But in all honesty, it is the best gym I have ever attended, strong words I know but it's true!

The Technogym equipment is amazing and easy to use and if you ever are unsure about how to use something there is always a friendly member of staff on hand to help and explain. Two more unique features that you get with being a member of the Fitness Space is the use of their app My Wellness that is connected to all the equipment tracking your progress and keeping you in direct contact with your personal coach. They also offer a body composition test that breaks down everything and helps show your progress month by month as well as number of classes including Box Fit and Hot Yoga.

The best part for me, however, is how personal they are at the Fitness Space Harpenden. They know each member by name and make you feel so welcome and comfortable. They develop fitness programs around you and your needs and strengths and will help you work your way through that personalized program before leaving you to get on with it each time you come in. 

I have been a member of many gyms and been put off going so many times by being intimidated by other, shall we say 'muscley' members, scary looking equipment and just being lost as a member. But that is not the case here, I love and enjoy going to the gym now. I love seeing my results month by month and wish I could attend more. 

Huge credit must be given to Aarron the owner, who has an amazing presence in the gym and has helped me along with so many others in a relatively short time since opening. Aarron supported by his amazing coaches/staff Amy and Manuella make they gym what it is and I couldn't recommend it more. 

If you live in or around Harpenden I strongly encourage you to pop in, have a look around and have a chat with either Aarron or one of the girls. Or just check them out on their FB page which again is hugely focused on their members, inspiring and helping them to achieve the best results possible!

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