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At the beginning of the year I wrote a 2016/New Year post and one of the things I wrote about was to be more creative and do more colouring as its something I really enjoy and something that really switches me off to the world around me. It gives me and my mind a moment of peace and a way to get lost in a world of colour, shapes and patterns.

Being a mum to a toddler, running my own business and having a mind that never stops finding, a moment to breath and refocus can be hard to come by but by giving myself even just 10 minutes, with the TV off, my phone out of reach and with some luck the boy asleep, I can really relax and take time to calm myself and my mind.
It's funny how in adult life we always turn to things that brought us joy as a child to bring us back down to earth and find a bit of peace.

Adult colouring isn't new I know and there are MANY obsessed people out there but if you are one of the few that hasn't found it yet I recommend you give it try. Here are some of the books I have picked up and the pens/markers/pencils I use along with them.

 The Art of Mindfulness: Relaxed and Focused Colouring -  Is a beautiful book full of wonderful patterns and pages that really excite the imagination especially, when colour is added.

 The Mindfulness Colouring Book: Anti-stress art therapy for busy people -  This gorgeous little pocket sized (just under A5) book is my favourite and one that I take with me when I travel. I am not a big reader and find this is a great alternative while waiting in airports or even when beside the pool. The pages are made up of beautiful landscapes of patterns and really transports you into a calmer more peaceful world.

 Beautiful Patterns: Creative Colouring for Grown-ups -  This is a new addition to my collection. The pages again filled with wonderful bold patterns. This book is usually around £9.00 but I was lucky enough to pick it up in the Books for Children Store in Harpenden for just £1! If you live in this area and haven't been there yet...GO!! Its amazing!! I pick up a new book for Benji nearly every Tuesday when I am in town.

One thing that comes with an Adult Colouring obsession is an obsession with stationery and finding the right pen/marker/pencil. My favourites at the moment are  STABILO FinelinerPaper Mate Flair Pens and WH Smiths Water Colour pencils. But to be honest when ever I see a deal I am tempted to get some new ones. You can never have enough he he . Wilko is also great for markers and pens.

Are you a fan of Adult Colouring? What books are your favourite list at the moment?

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