Meals for One, eating alone has never been so good...

New book New book NEW BOOK and we not even half way through the year! Slimming World is on fire! Now if you loved Free Food Feasts that came out in February you will love this book, not only are the recipes fabulous but as an added bonus all the recipes are for ONE. So if you are living alone or just on plan alone, even just looking for something a little different to take for lunch this is the perfect book for you!

The book is filled with FREE or Low Syn meals for one. Each one as tasty and easy to prepare as the next.

If you have a sweet tooth it's got you covered and this little tartlet using the Double Chocolate Crisp HiFi is ...AMAZING!

One of my Favourite recipes in the book is the BBQ Chicken! Not only is it delicious but instead of just giving you one meal/recipe it gives you four! Genius I tell you!

This fabulous book is just £4.95 to members in group and flying out of their shops, I know it did in mine! So I would get your hands on it quick!
NOTE: Please DO NOT purchase these books through ebay sellers. They will over charge you and are not legal!

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