St Patricks Day brunch - Boxty...

'top of the morning to ya'...well evening :) I would of liked to post this earlier but as usual time got away from me!
Last year I posted a sweet recipe, so this year I thought id go for a savoury one and one that all my SW lovelies can enjoy too :)

Boxty is a traditional Irish potato pancake, usually made with both mashed and grated potato. It comes from the Irish word 'bacstai'.
My version however is more like a rosti to help make it syn free but I will post the other recipe for the non SW lovelies.


Large potato, grated
1 spring onion. sliced into rounds
1 eggs, beaten
freshly ground salt and pepper


1. Put your grated potato into a clean tea towel or muslin. Squeeze out as much liquid as possible.
2. Place your grated potato into a bowl with half the spring onion, the beaten egg and seasoning. You could also add some mashed potato at this point, it would bulk it up. Mix to combine.
3. In a non stick pan, I added a little butter Fry Light for flavour, place three spoonful's of the potato mixture and flatten slightly. Cook them on a medium heat for a few minutes on either side. You want them to brown nicely but cook through. You can also cover for a short time to steam, but don't do it for to long as you don't want them to be soggy!
4. Serve hot with crispy smoked bacon and a sprinkling of fresh spring onion. Or even with some delicious Irish stew.

The traditional way to make them is with mashed and grated potato, flour, bicarb and buttermilk. They resemble an American style pancake once cooked.

I like to eat mine folded in half with a piece of bacon inside along with some fresh spring onion. And of course a pint of Guinness to get you in the St Patricks Day mood!

Have these scrummy potato pancakes for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. They are super quick, easy and versatile.

What did you get up to today for St Patricks?

recipe - mine
syns - pancakes free
          Guinness 6-9

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