Every year we say 'this year is going to be my year' or '20.. is going to be the best year yet' and then set ourselves unachievable goals or resolutions that we never stick to.

This year however I have decided that I am not going to do that but instead take this year how it comes, 1 day at a time! I am going to set myself some goals though, but ones I know I can achieve and ones that will hopefully make this year a good one.

So here they are...

1. Be more creative.
I love craft, colouring, scrap booking etc and in this digital world I have lost that side of me and this year I want to get back to 'putting pen to paper'. I'm thinking along the lines of an art journal, like I use to do at school. And defiantly more colouring! Lots more colouring :)

2. Get back into the kitchen.
I have been so consumed by being a mum, getting back into work and getting the house done that I have totally let my passion for cooking and baking fall to the way side. I cook the same old things week after week and have actually made myself bored with food. I need my spark back and I need to give myself that time in the kitchen that I love so much!

3. Blog more.
Goodness the past few months my blog has been almost non existent and I hate that. Again blogging is something I love, as I love sharing my passions with everyone and again I have let life get in the way.

4. Be more organised.
I know that with a little more organisation my life would be so much easier and those first 3 goals would be so much more achievable.

5. Get Benji into his own bed!!!
This is a big one!!! For nearly 3 years we have shared our bed and bedroom with our baby boy and enough is enough. I love his cuddles and snuggles but sleep is something I need desperately and is something I just don't get anymore. (especially if the dog and the cat join in and have a sleep over in the bed too) It's time to claim some space back and have a room I can relax in and call my own!

6. Build my career.
OMG I can't tell you how much I adore my job of being a Slimming World Consultant! It's just the most fulfilling and wonderful thing I have ever done. This year I am going to work on getting my group numbers up and giving my members the best experience and advice I can. Giving back what SW gave to me!

7. Get myself back on plan and fit. (the cliché one)
This festive season and even the months before I have fallen off plan for a number of reasons but I am so ready to get back on plan and feel my best again. I also want to gain back my fitness and tone up a bit. Since summer those wobbly bits have defiantly come back and with a vengeance! lol

and there you have it... My 7 goals for 2016. (7 being my favourite number) All achievable and all good for my soul :) Of course more will find there way into my plan for 2016 but for now those are the ones I will focus on.

What have you set for yourself this year?


  1. Replies
    1. thank you lovely! just about to type up my SW journey eek x

  2. I think the best way to get you excited about cooking again is for another sleepover where you can cook for me :P
    Happy New Year beautiful. Good luck with all your goals, you'll achieve all of them. Most determined lady I know xxxxx

    1. Oh missy how I miss you!!!! YES DEF A SLEEP OVER!!!!!!! you are always welcome! xxx