Tomato Spaghetti...

HELLO!!! Goodness it's been forever since I blogged and I can only apologise! But life has been crazy hectic, which I will tell you about in my next post!

I have been super lazy in the kitchen lately but in our house that doesn't mean much...I still get a yummy meal out no matter what, well almost sometimes the boys just have a pizza lol...
Tonight, like most nights lately, I was completely knackered but craved something yummy and settled on tomato spaghetti. It's so quick and basically consists of 3 main ingredients! What else could you ask for when you not up for much cooking?!

Here is how I made it...


2 cans chopped tomato
2 medium/large cloves of garlic, crushed
spaghetti, cooked as per instructions
sea salt and pepper
a little sweetener, optional
tomato paste, optional
sprinkle of chili powder, optional
basil to garnish


1. While your spaghetti is cooking add your garlic and tomato to a deep pan and simmer gently. You want the garlic to infuse with the tomatoes giving it a subtle heat and flavour. If needed add your sweetener and then the chili and seasoning.
2. When the spaghetti is just cooked add to your tomato sauce and stir. Serve hot with a sprinkle of basil and a little extra sea salt.

Couldn't be easier and couldn't be tastier. Feel free to add a little bacon or even chicken if you fancy it!

Now before I head off to bed I just want to thank everyone for being so patient with me and I am hoping to be back posting and creating recipes on a more regular basis soon! Have a wonderful evening...or day :)

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