Summer Berry Iced Tea Lollies...

Today was gorgeous! The sun was shining and hot. A perfect summer day, well almost. A summers day is never compete without an ice cream of lolly in hand and as my freezer was bare I decided to make my own... as I do quite frequently actually.

I wanted something refreshing and healthy but something my Benji would enjoy too, and with the blackberries in my garden in full bloom I thought SUMMER BERRY!
But these are not your normal summer berry lollies but iced tea ones made from delicious strawberry and raspberry tea and garnished with fresh blackberries, from the garden of course. *Sugar free*


2 strawberry and raspberry teabags
1 pint of hot water
1 tbsp sweetener
handful of fresh berries - I used blackberries

lolly sticks, mould


1. Steep your tea bags in the water for a good 30 min to an hour or until the water is cooled.
2. Place a few berries into the bottom of the mould and then poor in your tea.
3. Place in the freezer. After abut an hour carefully place your lolly sticks.
4. Leave to freeze completely.

if you follow me on instagram you will see that I also wrote lovely summery words on the lolly sticks instead of jokes. just adds a little something. :)

The refreshing tea taste combined with the fresh berries is just wonderful and a real summer treat.

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recipe - my own

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