Hidropark - Alcudia, Mallorca...

Feels strange writing this last post about Spain, reason being I leave for Cyprus tomorrow :) *YAY* But when I am a mummy that can only blog into the late hours, getting posts up when I can, writing a post about one holiday the night before the next is fine!

So Hidropark...one word FUN!!!! And by far Benji's best day! It was the day before we were due to head back home so we thought why not. I am so glad we did.

The park is packed with fun rides for big and small kids and the baby area is just awesome. So awesome infact that I think its the only place Pan actually went on a slide lol

In saying that I must mention that Pan swimming is a Miracle!!! I literally had to tackle him into the water! Swimming isn't the issue, its the getting out part - skinny man = no fat to keep him warm! If only I could give him some of mine lol

I of course wouldn't get out and enjoyed the slides while Ben was napping! ( think its the mermaid in me...water is my happy place!)

The wave pool was also a big favorite of ours and we spent our last hour there taking the compulsory underwater holiday selfie. Even got Benji *hi five me*

Hidropark was such a good way to end our holiday and had us all smiling even when we went to bed. Me and Pan are big kids ourselves sometimes I think.

It can get a little pricey doing a water park and if you have a little one, toddler age, Hidropark is great as the other water parks are allot more expensive and are more for the older child.

Final word...Hidropark, as you can see from the last pic Pan gave it a thumbs up :)

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