Choo Choo - Train to Soller and Port de Soller, Mallorca...

Or otherwise known as the Tren de Soller . My son loves trains so this day trip was right up his street and one we couldn't miss.

The Tren de Soller has been running from Palma to Soller since 1912 and the tram from Soller to Port de Soller since 1913. So if you love a bit of history and old trains this is the outing for you. The journey lasts about an hour or two if I can remember and is just lovely. No matter what side you sit you have a gorgeous view of the Spanish mountains. You even get to get out half way and take in all its beauty. 

Once in Soller you can either get straight on the tram to Port de Soller or you can take a walk around Soller like we did. There isn't a massive amount to see but the Catholic Church is just stunning inside and out and there are plenty of restaurants and coffee shops to get a drink.

While walking around I came across this tree and lamp post lovingly decorated in crochet.

And of course looked around some local delis and shops. How could I not. They are just so inviting in Spain.

 We then caught the tram to Port de Soller, which in hind sight we should have done sooner. We forgot about siesta!!!!

The tram ride was lovely, just 20 min or so and Ben loved it even more then the train as he could stand outside and wave at everyone as we went by.

Port de Soller is gorgeous!!! The water is so clear and blue. We unfortunately didn't bring our swimsuits but i was very tempted to strip down and have a splash about :) Instead we had some lunch!

I'm not 100% but I think its where the slightly wealthier people may 'vacation'.  Slightly posh ;)

As mentioned we didn't think about siesta and when it came time for us to go home we found out we had missed the last train and had to wait till 6pm :/ sigh* now I am sure there are worse places to be stuck but when its HOT and you have a very tired 2 year old its not the best. However we survived and caught the train home as soon as we could. Ben who slept a little through the journey there was so excited on the way back and I have the BEST video ever of him as the train took off from the station. ( I will upload it soon)

When we arrived in Palma we had an hour or so before our bus back to Can Picafort so decided to walk around the park and give Ben a little run around. While doing so we came across some water fountains and well...did as the local kids do. Striped down and had some fun! :) Ben had the best time and was the perfect way to cool off! It was VERY HOT!!!

Overall it was a super great day, even if a little long and a tad pricey - 60 Euros each. I would definitely recommend it but maybe make sure you catch that last afternoon train.

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