Pool Raiding - Exagon Hotel, Can Picafort...

I don't know about you but i love pool raiding, if your pool isn't quite perfect why not find another :) A bit naughty maybe but hey you only live once.

At our hotel you couldn't quite relax and one day on a walk we discovered a lovely German hotel with a fabulous pool. Its the kind of pool you just want to dive into straight away. It also had a lovely grass ground around it with a children's play area making it...well perfect.

So from that moment on, that was our pool.

Again like in pretty much all of Spain the staff was lovely and always helpful. The pool was gorgeous and Benji even found his summer love in the form of a little German beauty called Mia.

Being able to sunbath right next to the play area made it easy to look after the little ones and with a great child friendly entrance to the pool and a extra baby pool it made swimming so enjoyable. The gradual slope of the main pool was fantastic and gave Ben the confidence to walk out and float by himself.

Obviously its not the said thing to do but most hotels are ok with it as long as you don't take advantage. We did of course buy lunch and drinks while we were there.
Whether they knew we wern't staying there or not, I don't know, but it defiantly made our pool days allot more enjoyable.

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