I'm back - Summer Update...

giant poppies from my garden

IM BACK!! I feel like I have been away from blogging for ages but I have a good excuse...well a few good excuses actually.

The first and biggest, most exciting one is that we have finally got a new house YAY ! We have now moved to Redbourn and are blessed with the lovely house and amazing garden. We are so excited to start our new life and create a home as a family. FINALLY I am settled!! but I will tell you more about it in another post full of pics and exciting ideas/plans for the decor and garden.

The second excuse is I have had no internet or time to blog until now but I promise i will make up for lost weeks with plenty of recipes, holiday diaries and DYI posts to keep you reading.

The third and final excuse is I have been on the most wonderful holiday in Spain with the Family. 2 weeks of sun , sea and fun! If you follow me on Instagram you will know this as I am a terrible holiday spammer! I will tell you all about it in my next post hopefully going up this weekend.

And that's it... my exciting excuses/reasons for not blogging...but I am back now and will be blogging like made sharing all that is me, my loves and life right now. :)

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