Welcome to our Amazing Team...

Big news... I GOT THROUGH!!! *YAY* I am so excited!

For those that have no idea what I am on about I will update you :) I am sure you can probably tell I am a massive lover and believer in Slimming World and as briefly mentioned in last weeks post I got through to the second round and went for my interview to become an Consultant.

Well on Saturday the post man delivered the good news in the form of a lovely welcome pack!! Whoop Whoop!! "Welcome to our AMAZING Team" such fabulous words to hear/see on a Saturday morning!

As I have a few things to sort and some holidays booked I am looking at attending training in September and hopefully starting my very OWN group towards the end of this year or the beginning of next. It will be in the Batford area hopefully and run in line with the wonderful Harpenden group.

All I have to do now is sit down with my pack, read through it and then sign on the dotted line. I am so excited for what the future holds. I am so passionate about Slimming World and cant wait to help others get back on track and find their body confidence.

If you are interested in joining SW next year and would like to be part of my group please let me know, that way I can make sure to update you with what is happening. You can also follow me on Twitter for lots of life updates :)

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