Peppermint Tea Cooler...

A quick little recipe for you all.

Recently I have cut down my coffee and replaced it with peppermint tea but with the warmer weather creeping in I thought having some iced tea would be a better choice. So I came up with this Peppermint Cooler that can be ready in the fridge when ever I want it.


2 or 3 bags peppermint tea
1 pint of hot water
half lemon
ice to serve
sweetener optional


1. Pop your teabags into a jug with your water and let it sit for a good 10 minutes. You can add sweetener at this point but I prefer it without.
2. After 10 min remove the teabags and place in a jug with a few slices of lemon. Then pop in the fridge and let it cool completely.
3. Serve with a slice of lemon, fresh mint and some ice.

This is not only refreshing but good for you too, especially if you are on a detox.

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