Illustrations By Sophie Wyle...

Sophie oh Sophie how you make my inner artist smile and at the same time turn green with envy!

Sophie is an artisit I found on Instagram and totally fell in love with! Her illustrations are beautiful and she is just adorable!!!! If you aren't following her FOLLOW her NOW!!

Sophie does the most amazing portraits using ink and watercolour . Her use of lines is just stunning and her trademark cheeks totally had me hooked on her style as they are so unique.

I was even lucky enough to have my portrait done which I am having framed for my 1 year remission anniversary. The photo she chose is from my first birthday since beating cancer as captures my mood and smile perfectly! - She even captured my slightly wonky eye which I LOVE!!

She is just so talented and would love a whole wall covered in her illustrations! I have commented so many times on her page that she needs to set up an etsy with prints. When she does i'l be her first customer!

She doesn't only do portraits but some amazing abstract art too which totally speaks to my soul and is like a reflection of me in high school! I would love to find my old sketch book to show her. 

These are some recent posts off her Instagram that I LOVE!! How she managed to look so beautiful with her face pressed up on a photocopier I will never know he he 

Sophie Wyle your art and Instagram will forever have my heart! <3

If you would like to see more of her beautiful art you can find her tumblr here .

all pics are from sophie's Instagram and tumblr

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