Hitting the weightloss WALL...

If you are or know someone that is a Marathon runner/ Runner you will now of the term hitting the wall, which basically means that your body and mind suddenly come to an halt and it can be tremendously hard to carry on and push through. Well I have applied this term to my weightloss at the moment. As I have mentioned before despite my enthusiasm I have really struggled since getting back from holiday and just seem to be going back and forth, losing one week and gaining the next.

I keep telling myself there must be another reason for it, like everyone's favorite 'muscle weighs more then fat' but the truth of the matter is is that it is completely my own fault. I have fallen back into old habits and seem to be completely ignoring my own advice when it comes to writing things down and measuring everything etc.

Everyday I wake up feeling positive and ready to kick ass in the food department but by the evening its 'oh i'l just have a little sandwich'  which then turns into 2 maybe even 3. Or its a 'one sweet/biscuit wont hurt' but in truth I end up having like 5!! Another killer is my sons food! I have a terrible habit of nicking food off his plate or finishing his left overs. Of course when its food optimizing meals that fine but when its pizza, chicken nuggets or chips it just a BUCKET LOAD of syns that I never write down and never count.

I then know in my head and heart that I have had a bad week and half starve myself on a Mon and Tuesday hoping for a loss on Tuesday evening which lets be honest is a perfect example of what NOT to do and my results are showing that! I have lost and gained 1/2 a stone about 3 times since coming back from group and my mood, confidence and body are suffering because of it. I also feel a bit hypocritical sometimes when I post about Slimming World or a SW recipe because I am not losing how I should be and not sticking to plan like I tell  and encourage others to do! BUT NO MORE...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

Yesterday I attended my interview to become a Slimming World Consultant and it has given me an extra push! If i get through I will be ECSTATIC but I need to get my journey back on track so I can be an example to others, share my journey/story and help others to reach their goals!
Monday marked the 5 week countdown to my Majorca holiday and my personal goal of reaching my Interim target.Again, I have to be honest Mon/Tues didn't go as well as I hoped and a 2 1/2 lb gain set me on a downward sandwich spiral but I WILL get there! I AM NOT GIVING UP!!!

So today I created myself a little Encouragement Rosemary bush on my windowsill. I will use it to write myself messages, countdown my holiday and remind myself to stay away from those syns ( its right next to the bread bin and sweet/biscuit cupboard)
Having visual reminders is great way to stay on track and keep yourself motivated. Its something I have always done, i even have a tattoo on my wrist saying Strength and Courage which helps me get through the tough times in life!

Everybody has a reason for being overweight, mine being both physical and emotion ( pregnancy, illness and eating myself sick to feel better) but you can over come it. Start by admitting  to yourself you have a problem, accept help and make an active plan to get yourself back on track and back to the weight you want to be!

And please don't think I am saying you cant be happy within yourself when on the larger side because you can there are so many amazing and inspirational woman like Callie [blog] who show just that, but for me I am not happy how I am at the moment and only I can change that!

I am ready to KNOCK DOWN that wall, ready to push through and find that slimmer happier me on the otherside.
Below are a few pics of me before iIstarted my weightloss and Slimming World journey. Pictures I absolutely cringe at but they are my before shots not my after! And as my little heart shows I have managed to lose over a stone and I know in my heart I can lose the rest and reach my target of 3 stone!

Right so that's it, my battle, my truths and hopefully some good advice that will help anyone else that feels they have hit the weightloss wall!

And of course an emah post is never really complete unless it contains a recipe, so here is a little something for you all. (what I had for breakie) And its SP :) :)

Baked Eggs || Great for breakfast or brunch, served by themselves or with toast as your HEB.


1 can tomatoes
2 eggs
salt and pepper
spring onion to garnish


Pour your tomatoes into an oven proof dish, break in your eggs and bake in a hot oven for 15 minutes or until the tomato is warmed through and the eggs are cooked.Season and then sprinkle with spring onions to serve.
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