Family Night - Extreme Stunt Show...

A couple of weeks ago me and my boys (plus my friend Steve) went to go and see the EXTREME Stunt show while on its 2015 tour! My OH works very hard so family time is very important and this was a great way to spend some time together doing and watching something a little different. Plus who doesn't love motocross bikes flying through the air and monster trucks driving over cars, not to mention a man on fire! Hello...FUN! :P

The show lasted an hour and a half with a 15 minute interval - to set up new ramps etc and was packed with action from start to finish. All the guys involved are incredibly talented and showed off that talent fantastically. My son (now 2) Just LOVED IT and couldn't stop saying 'WOW' 

Here are a few pics...

Riding through a wall of fire.

Two wheel parade.

Benji loving it.

Pic not mine but i had to show off the monster trucks!


It was a great evening, even if a bit cold, and Benji hasn't stopped going on about bikes and trucks since!! He is a boy obsessed and I love it!!
After the show there was also an opportunity to meet all the guys and even get their autograph on your program, which we of course did! We also purchased some great little toys for Benji which he loves and hasn't stopped playing with. 

I definitely recommend you go along if it is in your area. Here is a link to their upcoming dates and venues. 

Photos - mine, green monster truck Kirston Tonon (Twitter)

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