Strawberry Overnight Oats...

Overnight Oats have taken the Slimming World world by storm and everyone is just loving how easy and delicious they are. Its a great breakfast or even desert and can be ready in the fridge when ever you want it.


Handful of strawberries, chopped (fresh or frozen)
couple tbsp oats (35g oats is a HE B)
couple tbsp fat free Greek yogurt
2 tsp of sweetener
2 tsp vanilla extract

1 jar you can close or use a bowl and cover with cling-wrap


1. Start with your strawberries and layer with yogurt, vanilla, sweetener and oats, repeat for a second layer.
2. Seal and then pop in the fridge over night.
3. In the morning give it stir and enjoy.

You can of course used flavored yogurt like Vanilla Muller Light but just make sure to check the syns.

syns - free unless not using oats as HE then add 6.
recipe - mine