Prep for the week ahead...

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I thought id share my tips on how to prep for the week ahead, great if you short on time and so helpful when on Slimming World.

I have started to get busier and busier and having things ready and prepared ahead of time is so important and helpful when it comes to staying on plan. Having things ready in the fridge and freezer means when i get up in the morning or come in late i can just grab somthing and have breakfast or dinner ready in minutes.

Here are a few examples.

Hard boiled eggs-  these are great for on toast in the morning, part of lunch and even a snack after gym. You can also chop them up and add them to salad for that extra bit of protein.

Strawberries or other fruit - I always have a tub of chopped strawberries in my fridge and freezer ready to have with yogurt or just by themselves. Great in over night oats too.

Chopboxes - I have two that I like to keep. One is for salads, omelets etc and has things like celery, peppers and red onion in it. The other is for sauce bases and has onion, celery and garlic in it. I also sometimes add carrot. ( can be kept in the freezer ) Its a great way to speed up dinner/cooking as all the chopping is done and you are insuring to get that little bit of extra free/speed food into your meal.

If you know you have a busy week ahead and have a spare hour or so why not prepare a few meals and have them ready in the freezer. Things like meatballs, cottage pie or lasagna are great as you can just take them out of the freezer in the morning and pop them in the oven when you get home.

Taking a little time to prepare will make a huge difference to your week, so if you dont already why not give it a try.

For other tips on how to stay on plan just follow this link .

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