Tips for Staying on Plan with Slimming World...

Despite my enthusiasm I have been bobbing up and down around my two stone mark ever since I got back from Australia. So to reach my interim target by summer I went back to basics and did a start over. When you start Slimming World you have amazing losses but as you lose it slows down and that can sometimes be a bit disheartening but DON'T GIVE UP! Just push through and KEEP AT IT! the lbs WILL come off if you stick to the plan.

Here are my tips for staying on plan.

1. Write EVERYTHING down.
Use your food diary and write everything down, I mean everything. If you have a gain and don't understand why this will help. You can go over your syn limit so easily and by writing things down you can keep on track.

2. Use the tools
Slimming World has some great tools online and offline. USE THEM! Food diaries, Fitness Logs, S.A.S logs, Syn calculator, Food search, recipe search and recipe books. All things you can utilize to optimize your weight loss.

3. Set your syn limit and stick to it
Most people have a 5 -15 syn limit so stick to that. Even lower it if you feel you need or want to. Syns WILL prevent you from reaching target.

4. Measure
Always measure things or have a container/cup that you know equals your allowed weight. Guestimating will get you nowhere.

5. Plan
Plan your meals for the week ahead and do your shopping based off that list, that way you wont buy unnecessary goods.  Online shopping is great for this too as you can save favorites and you are not tempted to pop anything in your trolly you don't need, saving you money!

6. Change it up
Don't always eat the same thing, you will get bored and lose interest. The Slimming World mag and website are full of delicious recipes USE THEM. You can even convert your favorite recipe. There is no limit.

7.  Body Magic
Body Magic by itself wont shift the lbs but combined with Food Optimising you will see results as well as feel better.

8. Treat Yourself
Allow yourself a little treat every now and again. Have that glass of wine or that chocie biscuit just remember to count it as syns. ( if you are having a big weekend why not save your syns throughout the week)

9. Motivate yourself
I set myself interim targets and treat myself when I reach them. Something new for my camera, or a new outfit. The one I am working towards now is a new gym kit! I have also started a pound for lb jar for a special treat when I reach target.

10. Join a Group
Being part of a Slimming World Group is amazing!!! You get so much encouragement and help when you need it. It gives you something to work towards each week, weigh in and it helps you to not lose focus. Of course not everybody has access to a group or can attend one so why not do it with a friend. That way you can encourage eachother and lose together!

I lost another 2lbs tonight, with just 3 1/2 to go till my 2 stone!! and another 2 for my interim target which I want to reach by June! I know now I can and will get there and its by STAYING ON PLAN! The tips above are what I use everyday and they are working, I hope they work for you too.

Don't ever give up, you can reach your weightloss goal!!


  1. My mum always struggles with Slimming World, I'm going to show her your tips! The pound for LB thing is genius! xx

    Halcyon Velvet

    1. Let me k ow how she gets on! I'm always around if she has any questions 😊 xx