Lets get Physical - working on those wobbly bits...

February has been a hard month for me, dealing with a very active soon to be toddler has really warn me down but I think I am finally finding my balance and gaining control of a misplaced routine.  I have managed to do something for myself (and sanity) by starting yoga! And it works like a dream! I have  also been focusing hard on my body magic/fitness and trying to tone all those wobbly bits that come from being a mummy and gaining weight through steroids (chemo).

I have been getting to the gym as much as possible to work on my cardio on the cross-trainer and through swimming and then I also do a few things at home like dumbbell exercises for my arms and Hip Hop Abs to get me that flat tummy.  - It's a little change from my normal 30day shred dvd that i always do. I am a person that gets bored really quickly so changing it up really helps me to stay focused and do what needs to be done to get back into shape.
Slimming World is definitely getting rid of the lbs but unfortunately there is no food in the world that will get rid of my wibble wobble tummy and thighs, so exercise has to be done! Especially with summer coming up and two holidays with my beautiful and skinny friends! I don't want to be the beached whale next to them but a sexy mama with them...he he but joking aside this is important to me as I want to be confident this summer, which I haven't been for a long time now. 

A little more on what I do - At gym I mainly go on the cross-trainer for cardio and to get those legs and bumcheeks moving ! I then head to the pool for a swim. Which in 1 hour can burn a good amount of calories. An hour swim (1 mile) can burn at least 500! It is also low impact so great for a person that has really bad knees like me. A reason why I go on the cross-trainer rather then the treadmill.
At home I focus on my arms and getting rid of my tummy and wobbly thighs. 
I have a little work out written and pinned to my notice board for this. That way I have a bit of a routine and get all areas covered without forgetting anything. And as mentioned before have also started Hip Hop Abs! It is something I saw on tele and awlay's wanted to try, so I decided to look on YT and gave it a go! Boy I'm glad I did! It's so much fun!!! I can really feel it in my abs! By using 3 simple moves you can tone and burn fat while dancing (trying to in my case) to hip hop with PT and dancer Shaun T! Who is blady funny with his slightly camp comments and struts! I am super pleased I do it at home though because I am no hip hop dancer lol
You can find his videos and podcast online or you can get the dvd pack which I think is only £19.95 at the mo! Usually &59.95. 

Now on a more calm note, As mentioned I have also started yoga (from home) which I really love! I try to do 20min while Ben eats his breakfast. I found some great videos on YT called Yoga with Adrien! She is easy to listen to and she explains things really well! I am currently on her 20min beginner video but I would love to finally do her weight loss yoga or 30days of yoga. For yoga fans or people looking to start I definitely recommend her!

The only prob I have found with working out so much is that I am super hungry now,so planning is key. After a good work out PTs usually recommend a protein shake to rebuild the muscles etc but while on Slimming World that is not the best thing to do, as they can be over 10 Syns. So I tend to stick to high protein food like chicken or eggs for lunch/dinner and then take bananas or apples as a post work out snack.

I want you to know I am a very lazy person so if I can do all this you can too, It's all mind over matter! If you want to achieve something or be a better you physically then you need to put in the work, even if its running up the hill near your house rather then walking. And to my SW lovelies, March has 5 weigh-ins so try and make them count. By losing just 2lbs a week you can lose just over half a stone in March!
What ever you do to get summer fit enjoy it and do it for yourself. Just make sure you don't push yourself to hard.

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