10 Habits for a Happier You...

I have had 28 years of ups and MASSIVE downs and those downs can really take their toll! But I try to remember everyone goes through the bad times, its just how you deal with them and learn from them. You are in charge of your own life and its up to you how you live it.

Here are my 10 Habits for a happier you.

1. Wake up and attack the day

Everyday should start as you mean to go on. You need to make everyday count whether it is a day at home or a day full of activities. Try adding something new to your routine or setting some new life goals to work towards.

2. Do it with a smile

Its amazing what a smile can do. If you don't want to do something just suck it up and do it...with a smile! It will make the task allot easier and make those around you smile too.

3. Be active

Being active and getting regular activity can really change your mood. I am not saying join the gym or run 5 miles but why not walk to the shop instead of driving or dance around the kitchen as you cook! That little bit of extra moment can make the world of difference.

4. Don't judge

For some this can be hard but remember we have all been there and someone has judged us, I bet it wasn't a nice feeling.  Everybody is different. Treat people how you would like to be treated and ignore those who don't.

5. Love yourself

You can be your own worst enemy! Learn to love and respect yourself . Its hard I know but you are stuck with you, why not make it a wonderful relationship and enjoy life as you!

6.  Be Optimistic

This is something I struggle with myself but being optimistic and always thinking positively can have it benefits. Of course things don't always go our way but if you focus on that we will never try something new or feel excited about the future. So think YES! I can do this, it will be amazing, I will get that job and things will come round. Just be patient.

7. Surround yourself with like minded people

People around you can have a massive affect on your life. Surround yourself with happy, smiling and driven people. Ones that will push you to do your best and inspire you to do better. Remove negativity and negative people from your life.

8. Encourage

Encourage people to reach their dreams, to achieve those goals and live life to the fullest. Its one of the greatest gifts you can give someone.

9. Slow down

It is so very important to slow down every now and again. Yes we want to live life and for it to be jammed packed with excitement but don't forget to enjoy the quieter, slower things in life. Like reading, sitting in the garden or on the beach and just taking in what is around you. Take time for yourself, time to breath and gather your thoughts.

10. Be grateful

Always be grateful for what you have. No matter if its allot or a little. You are lucky to have what you have in life so treasure it and be thankful.

Why not adopt these habits in your life or even create a few of your own and see what difference it makes.


  1. Such lovely habits and I totally agree that making small changes can really change the way you feel. I'm a big believer that keeping fit makes you happy; your body feels happy, it releases endorphins and just makes you feel great overall! Being yourself and being happy about it is the key I think. xx

    Abby | Eärendil

    1. Absolutely when I have a day at home with no activity I always feel a bit low and as soon as I get out and get that little bit of exercise I have more energy and in such a good mood! X

  2. This was a great post Emily, definitely something I may have to come back to next time things get a bit on top of me! I try to do all these things as much as I can, but at times its hard to do them all at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Catherine x

    1. Yeah it can be tricky to do or change everything at once but even just one change can make a huge difference! Xxx

  3. Love these habits, definitely things I try and work on all the time! I really enjoy trying to get a bit more exercise in. I've started doing some more yoga which has been really good for keeping my head in a good place! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yoga is great! I do it from home while my son eats breakfast! Really sets me up for the day!