Goodbye and Thank You Australia...

So I have been back for a week now and thanks to grey skies, rain and a virus Australia seems like a distant memory. But with over 3500 photos to look back on I'm sure those memories will come flying back! And this post might help a bit too as its a post all about my last week in beautiful Australia! :)

My last week was jammed packed with as much sun, sea and sand as possible as well as fishing off a boat and climbing a mini mountain. Not forgetting that I FINALLY got my picture of a Roo!!! However I am not going to mention to much about the fishing and mini mountain climbing as I have individual posts for them, one being a delicious recipe for fishcakes. I wonder which one that is :P

Right so on the Sunday before we left mum took us to Cape Le Grand to look at the beaches and hopefully get my picture of a roo on Lucky Bay, a beach that is know for their roos. However Lucky Bay was not so lucky and not one roo made an appearance. That didn't put a damper on the daythough as the beaches were gorgeous and the water was so clear and wonderfully warm. I actually wish we had gone sooner, as I would have loved to have spent a day at the Hellfire Beach.

Lucky Bay

Hellfire Beach

After a wonderful morning of beach hoping mum took me on one last roo spotting drive and would you know it a HUGE roo decided to not jump away but stand by the side of the road and wait for me to take his gorgeous picture. I was so excited, he was such a handsome roo, worth the six week wait!!

The next morning which was our last day, we spent at little Wharton soaking up our last bit of sun and having fun with my Christmas present in the sea. I never knew taking photo's under water could be so much fun!:) We also toasted our holiday not with a drink but with a tasty lamington, as you do.

Sunning myself on the rocks.

Channeling my inner Whale Shark, spots and all.

Matching smiles.

Hi there Big B

Sigh...I am not going to lie I do already miss that clear turquoise water but I know in my heart it wasn't goodbye but see you again soon, just have to save up abit first.

Now to get back to normal life again. Hopefully that wont be to hard.

                                                      Heres to you Australia.

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