Bonito and Snook Fishcakes...

This recipe if from when I was in Australia. Just before I left I had a fabulous day out on the water and fished off the back of a boat for the first time. It was such a fun experience and one I will definitely try again.

It was amazing to be so far out and to fish in such clear water. You could actually see the fish before you caught them. I wasn't very successful at first, unlike the boys who were catching loads, I only managed to catch two tiny makereal one of which we used for bait but then things picked up.

First I caught myself a lovely Snook, and then a Bonito, which was so hard to reel in! Seriously... how people catch those massive fish I don't know. My arm was ready to fall off by the time i got the fish anywhere near the boat.

say cheese Mr Snook

My Bonito and the moment just before I got covered in fish blood :/

Our luck then went a little down hill from there, only catching a few more fish but I didnt care. I was immensely proud of my catch!! And couldn't wait to cook them. What could be better to cook with then fish I had caught !

Now Snook isn't the most meaty fish, although very tasty and Bonito is not really a fish you would filet, cook and serve so I decided fishcakes would be the best idea.
I unfortunately didn't get to cook them completely as Fishcakes are my step dads thing but I did get to do some of the cooking.

Here is how we made them.


this is all guestimated as it all depends on how much fish you have.

1 filleted bonito and snook or about 400g - 500g fish - salmon, cod, haddock.
3 medium/large potatoes, boiled and mashed with a little butter and seasoning.
good handful of chopped parsley
200g of breadcrumbs
2 eggs, beaten
50g flour
squeeze of lemon
glug of oil


1. Cook your fish in a little butter and seasoning until just about cooked through. Leave aside to cool and then flake. Make sure there are no bones.
2. Add your fish, potato and parsley to a bowl and mix together. To help bind it and make them extra light add a little breadcrumbs. Not to much. Season.
3. Once mixed form into patties.
4. In a 3 step process dip your patties into flour, then egg and finally your breadcrumbs. Shake off any access.
5. Into a deep pan put a good glug of oil and shallow fry your fishcakes for a few minutes on either side. They can also be baked in a hot oven for 20min or so. (More SW friendly)
6. Serve straight away with a good squeeze of lemon juice.

These fishcakes were delicious and a perfect dinner after a day out on the boat! I wish I could have gone out again before I left. But there is always next time.

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