Sun, Sea and Sand...

It's nearly midnight and I have only just finished wrapping the families Christmas and stocking presents. The whole house is fast asleep and as I am obviously not, I thought why not get my very late holiday diary post out! I really cant leave it any longer!! So coffee has been made, a treat of ice cream and homeamde chocolate sauce to accompany it. - yes I know ... not very SW! But lets just say that has been and is a tad impossible at my mums! I will get back on track! eventually :/

Right... So what have I been up to???? Gosh so much over the last two weeks!

The week before last we had my step fathers grandson Angus and his gorgeous girlfriend Bree to stay which was lovely. Lots of beers and delicious Aussie tucker was had and Bree was an amazing playmate to Ben!

Hello Aussie lamb!!!!

We then ended the week by spending Sunday at the market in Esperance again, mum completely stealing the show with her gorgeous brownies and Christmas boxes.

It was a fairly busy week yes but not as much as last week, which started off relaxed but soon changed.

At the beginning of the week Mum, Ben and I spent our afternoons going back and forth to the beach Roo spotting and having fun ute adventures. So much fun was had in the ute that Benji has now fallen in love with driving and tends to spend most of his time going "broom broom" and driving an imaginary car! :)

Still no picture of a Roo...even though I have seen hundreds! sigh...
The end of the week was full of family arrivals, first my OH on Wednesday and the my Brother on Friday.

Both occasions were of course marked by a trip to the beach. 
Thursday was spent driving the ute along the beach and swimming in the gorgeous turquoise water. We also got to try abalone for the first time thanks to some of mums friends. I just loved how we all piled into the kitchen and helped prepare it. I will infact be sharing the recipe with you all soon.

When my brother finally arrived  and was settled we took a trip to a little secret beach over the rocks at Little Warton. We spent the morning fishing and swimming which was amazing. We had a whole beach to ourselves and every inch a picture of beauty, an example of gods handy work at its finest!

The week was then ended by cutting down our fabulous and meticulously chosen Christmas tree - and trying to fit it in the house, some chopping and trimming was definitely needed.

I am saving the pics of the finished tree for my next post! All about Christmas of course.

I absolutly adore it here and hate that in just a few short weeks I will be leaving! But not yet...I still have time to enjoy the gorgeous country and precious time with family!

Till my next update...see ya!

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