Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...

The last few weeks have been a combination of happiness and excitement as well as stress and exhaustion. Like any Family Christmas should be! I know we all want a perfect family Christmas like in movies but the fact of the matter is they never are and I think that is what makes them more memorable. 


We did the usual, tree decorating, present giving, sparkling wine drinking and LOTS AND LOTS OF EATING!! To much eating I think... (Gosh I hope those SW scales are ready for me :/ ) But hey its Christmas, whats a mince pie or twenty!?

 Last year was my Benji's first Christmas which is of course a special moment but I found this Christmas way more fun, as he could enjoy it and understand it more. And boy did he LOVE it!

Hello delicious Aussie King Prawns with Garlic Mayo!

Recipe - PRAWNS : cook/steam your prawns until pink, season. DIP - Just add garlic, salt and pepper to a good dollop of mayo and greek yogurt. A squeeze of lemon and some fresh herbs finishes it off.

Boxing Day

On boxing day we took a drive down to Poison Creek and did a bit of fishing , swimming and BBQing! It was a gorgeous day and so much fun was had all round!

Its such a beautiful place and again we pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves! Our own little paradise.

 New Year

New Years eve was incredibly relaxed with dinner over the road and then we pretty much all ended up in bed before it even hit midnight. But we made up for it today by spending a lovely day on Nares Beach fishing.

 Me and my Big B at the back of the ute with Elephant Rock in the background.

Cheers to 2015

We have spent the whole of the festive season with my parents wonderful neighbors and even though I have only known them a short while I feel like they are family! The gorgeous family of 7 have been a true blessing and a wonderful Christmas gift!

Gosh I cant believe how fast this holiday has gone and that in just a few days I will be leaving it all behind!!:( But I will hopefully be back soon and be reunited with friends, family and those hard to photograph Roos!

Again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

- a recipe will...I promise...go up tomorrow! - ABALONE! :)

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