Jet lag has come and gone...

This post is very late I know as I promised them on Sundays, but things were a tad crazy last week with jetlag, getting use to time zones ect. We are however all adjusted and back in functioning order now...well just about :)

Last week, our first full week, was filled with lots of trips to the beach and getting to know the locals, the locals being the amazing wildlife. On Monday we took a drive down to the Duke of Orleans beach near Condingup and met the most wonderfully handsome Pelican. We watched him swim, said alot of 'hiya's' and  fed him a few fish that some naughty fishermen had left on the shore. I even managed to capture the fabulous moment when my fearless son introduced himself to his new feathered friend. I only got one picture though as the pelicans open mouth was a tad startling, not that Ben seemed to care.

Last week we also finally came face to face with the delightful little frog that gently croaks us to sleep at night, the Banjo Frog and what a gorgeous little frog he is! He almost looks painted and if he is an ornament on my mothers shelf rather then a real creature. The pond here is full of them as well as our shoes, Ben's buggy, we even had one riding on the wing mirror of the car. Its a good thing I like frogs!!!

Things were not  all about pelican befriending and frog spotting though. Mum and also did a bit of 'foot modeling' for my step dad and his gorgeous Barefoot Sandals, as well as a whole lot of Brownie baking for her Benjamin's Brownies stand at the Esperance Market on Sundays. They are a talented pair my parents.

Over all it has been a super busy, exhausting, up and down week but still so enjoyable and wonderful! I love being here with family and taking in all the beauty and wonder this country has to offer. It really is wonderful to be here.

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