Our Australian Adventure finally begins...

I can't believe I am finally here, It's like a dream!
This time last year we were changing all our plans following my diagnoses of Hodgkins Lymphoma. But I BEAT it, I'm here and our Australian Adventure has begun! 

Now getting here was an adventure in itself, especially as I did it on my own with Ben. It was long, tiring and a massive lesson in keeping calm and being patient. It took over 24 hours, 3 planes, 2 changes, a few small bottles of wine, 1 very kind stranger and a hire car to finally get me and Ben to our final destination... Condingup. It was all worth it though, to see Ben run into my mums arms and to just be here with family is just the most precious gift for Christmas.

Since arriving we have had days full of fun, laughter and sunshine. We have seen wild Emus, walked the most amazing beach and fall asleep to the weird and wonderful sounds of the banjo frogs every night.

I don't think I have ever seen Ben so happy and that's saying something as my child is one very happy boy!

 To finish off our week and first few days in Australia  we went to the Condingup Taven and had the most AMAZING steak! It was my first Aussie steak and it didn't disappoint! It was so tender and delicious...I am hungry all over again just thinking about it :)

The last few days have really been amazing and I am so unbelievably thankful to have another 5 weeks here, soon to be joined by my OH and brother. It will be a real family Christmas and New Year! And like I said before...  A dream come true!

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