Sunday - Orange Pork with Pak Choi and Mushrooms...

This recipe was inspired by a picture I saw, I did looked for the recipe but was unable to find it so I just winged it and was pretty pleased with the outcome.

serves 2


4 small pork chops, fat removed and halved
1 pack of pak choi, washed and sliced roughly
150g shitaki mushrooms, halved
150g Oyster mushrooms, halved
1 cup rice
half an ornage, squeezed
2 tblsp soy sauce
1 tblsp chinese 5 spice
spring onion to garnish
fry light/ oil

1. Cook your rice as per instructions on the bag then marinade your pork in the orange juice, soy sauce and 5 spice. Once the rice is nearly done set to one side to steam and cook/grill your pork for about 3 minutes a side, depending on the thickness.
2. Once your pork is cooked set aside and cover with a little foil. In the same pan cook down your mushrooms and pak choi. This doesn't take much time at all. 
3. When the mushrooms and pak choi is cooked serve straight away.
4. To serve add a little spring onion to your rice for freshness and a squeeze of orange to your pork.

This is a lovely fragrant and earthy dish and would make a great dinner to cook for friends, as its so quick and easy.

For my Slimming World lovelies i think this would maybe be 1/2 syn for the orange juice but i'm not 100%.

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