September what a month... October not so much...

September...was a good month!!!  I got my 1/2 Stone award and my 1 Stone award as well as Slimmer of the week and Slimmer of the Month!

banana explanation- in group you get a bag of fruit for slimmer of the week and i got the biggest banana in the world in mine!! had us in hysterics...

 I also got stuck into my swimming taking up the channel challenge which is swimming 22 miles in 12 weeks! On average I was swimming just over an mile (64 lengths) in each session which I am super proud of!!

But then October happened...sigh...I got a nasty cold and then like an idiot I dislocated my knee and have started putting on the lbs instead of losing them! I know we are only half way through the month but its going to take allot of work to get back on track!

So while I'm recovering I am in my knitting zone and crafting bits and bobs for my Etsy store opening in the new year - exciting!! And making sure I stick to Slimming World 100% so I can start losing the lbs again!

Lets hope October does turn around so I can turn my lunch time catalogue browsing into actual purchases :)

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