DIY - Halloween Spider Bow and Ring...

Its almost Halloween...eeek!!! :) So pumpkins are ready to be carved and last minute details are being finished off for my costume, Like this spooky bow and ring. Which I thought was so cute, I had to share! :)

What you need...

1 bow - I used one of my Giant Wool Bows By Emah - which will be in my Etsy store in the new year!
1 ring - I used one of my broken rings, recycle recycle :)
a couple of plastic spiders
and a glue gun

What you do...

1. Place your spiders on your bow where you think they look best and then glue them down.

 2. Now find the top of your ring, add a little glue and stick on your spider. Hold it in place for a couple of seconds to make sure it is stuck down.

And just like that you have your own spooky accessories for Halloween. You could also do this with a headband or necklace, anything you like really. Just get creative.

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