DIY - Cute Halloween Wreath ...

Halloween is by far my favourite holiday as I love all things spooky, dark and scary! And now I finally get to go all out on Halloween...why...because I have a little person!! Hello fancy dress, treats and a house over run by spooky decorations. YAY! :)
Now I would love to just buy anything I can get my hands on but I am on a budget and love anything DIY. so handmade spookiness is the theme this year. 

To start it all off I made this cute little Bat Halloween Wreath just using what I could find around the house and outside.

This is how I made it...

You will need

an old wire hanger
a glue gun and glue
scrap black paper
Autumn leaves
googly eyes
bat stencil (I used a cookie cutter)

1. Using your pliers cut the top of the hanger off and form into a circle. if this is difficult for you do what I did and ask your other half :)

2. Lay your biggest leaves out on the floor in a circle, this will for the base of your wreath.

3. Using your glue gun, glue the ring in place over the leaves.

4. Once dry, turn over and build up layers of leaves.

5. While that dries make your bats and then glue them onto your wreath. I found odd numbers look best.

 6. To finish it off add some googly eyes to your bats and glue a little loop of string to the back so you are able to hang it up.
Leave to dry completely and then hang on your door or on your wall!

You don't have to use bats, use anything you like. Go mad! :)

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