Macmillan Coffee Morning...

Yesterday I joined in on the largest coffee morning fun and hosted my own Macmillan Coffee Morning to help raise money for a fantastic cause.

This is something I wasn't going to miss as my two Macmillan nurses Cathy and Lesley played such a huge role in getting me through Cancer. Cathy was there from day 1 and helped me with any questions i might have had  as well as my weekly flush for my PICC line which Lesley then took over. 
They were always so cheerful and friendly and gave me the support I needed! Sometimes when you go through an illness everything can be filled with medical jargon that can leave you so overwhelmed and sometimes scared but Cathy and Lesley always broke it down and reassured me and my loved ones everything was going to be ok! They are such precious people and I will be forever thankful for having them in my life.

My coffee morning prep started off with some late night baking and icing which I think is always fun and best, as there is no little ones pulling at you to play or other halves looking over your shoulder trying to get a taste. Just you, your kitchen and a few delicious bakes!

On Friday everything kicked off early with my friend Jo and her gorgeous April dropping by first! I then had a steady flow of friends and neighbours popping in throughout the morning for coffee, cake and a chat. I think i should do this more often actually as it made for such a lovely day. I did have to jump in the pool in the afternoon to burn off all that cake though!

A coffee morning is such a great idea for any fundraising and I encourage you all to host your own next year! If not for Macmillan then for something else. The combination of cake and friends is always a winner!!!

Here are our #mugshots (#cakeshot for April)  from my coffee morning...

Cant wait for next years coffee morning! :)

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