DIY - Paper Heart Bunting...

Today I was in a bit of a DIY mood so I decided to make myself some paper heart bunting for my front room window.
I first made this bunting for Christmas last year and I loved it so much that I decided to keep it up. Now with time paper bunting can get a little damaged or misshapen, so some new bunting was in order and this time I added a bit of colour. It is fairly easy to make, just a little bit fiddly. Here is how I made it.

What you will need

5 pages from a old book, you could use newspaper
2 pieces of coloured card/paper
pencil and rubber just in case

How I did it

1. Take your book pages, measure 1 inch across and 8 inches down drawing a line down the page. Do this across the whole page.

2. Cut the book pages along the line and into strips. 

3. On half of the strips, measure 2 inches (or a inch off each end) and cut. This is to create your smallest length of paper. Once you have done this you should be left with a pile of 8 inch strips and a pile of 6 inch strips. 10 of each.

4. Now to do your middle strip. Take you coloured card/paper, measure 1 inch across x5 and 7 inches down. Draw a line.

5. Cut along the line into strips. Again you want 10.

 6. Once everything is cut out, fold them all in half.

7. Now cut a length of string long enough to cover your window as well as 10 smaller pieces which will be used to attach your hearts. 4 inches or so.

8. Once you have cut your string, take 1 of each sized strip and line it up at the ends.

9. Bring the two ends together, place a piece of string in the middle and then staple together.

10. You now have a completed heart. Carry on until all 10 have been done.

11. When you have all your individual hearts complete, tie them to your long piece of string.
They dont have to be perfect or equal measurements apart, as once its up you can sort that out. Just trim any stray string. And wala your bunting is complete! :)

You don't have to use this across your window, you could have it hanging down one side or even  use it like tinsel on your Tree around Christmas. Individual hearts can be used as tags or as way to jaz up a present. Just use your imagination.

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