Barry M Gelly Nail Paints...

I am a girl that LOVES painting her nails and the brighter the colour the better! My nails have to match my outfit and if that means painting them a new colour everyday then so be it!
With that statement you would think I have beautiful long nails but I don't and I don't care, as long as there is nail I will paint it!:)

I have a rather big collection of colours about 50 or so, not as big as some but I can honestly say I use pretty much every one and  frequently too. I wear alot of black so my nails are one of my biggest accessories.

My favourite Polishes are probably Barry M and Models Own, I only buy drug store polishes as I
 DO NOT see the point of spending over a fiver on a polish! I mean really why would you pay more... because its a designer brand and people tell you its better... I bet its no better then a drug store brand! And think about it, for the price of one expensive polish you can buy a few not so expensive ones that are just as good!!  Its the logical choice really :)

Anyhoo enough of my ranting, lets get to the point of this post! Barry M Gelly Nail Pant!!! Not a new product I know, I just love love LOVE them!! Beautiful colours, great application and lasts about a week or so if you look after it. So far I have 5 colours - Pomegranate, Blue Grape, Guava, Greenberry and Key Lime. Names as delicious as their colours look!


A fabulously deep raspberry/pomegranate red, perfect for late summer and even winter. It is one of my all time favourite colours, In fact I was wearing it just last Thursday for a Birthday lunch paired with a beautiful raspberry red lippy.

Blue Grape

As you can tell my favourite polish!! I wear this all the time!! Its such a vibrant dark blue colour and goes with so much in my wardrobe. If you like blue nail polish I would recommend this colour 100%.


My Beach Holiday colour and discovered thanks to the beautiful Zoe Lnd! It's a gorgeous Turquoise colour perfect for a day at the beach or by the pool. It looks gorgeous against tanned skin and reminds me of the colour of the ocean in Turkey and and Greece.


A pretty green/light turquoise colour, great for spring and summer. A bit more pastel compared to the rest but just as lovely.

Key Lime

A bright and vibrant lime green colour so perfect for summer!  Its a bit of a different green compared to other lime greens as its not neon and I think that's what I love about it. Its subtle enough to wear everyday but still stands out and gets your nails noticed.

These polishes are available at boots and other beauty stores as well as online at Barry
They go for around 3.99.  I think they are fabulous and so will you, just give them a try. If you haven't already.

I cant wait to get my Autumn and Winter colours, they look so gorgeous!! I think I might treat myself when I reach my half stone mark at SW!!:)

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