A New Month...

With the first week of September came the start of my new fitness challenge. I am hoping that along with Slimming World it will have me down 2 stone by the end of November and feeling confident for my Big Australian holiday at the end of the year.

I have been struggling with my weight for so long now and piled even more on during pregnancy and illness!But now I am better and have no excuses! There is no reason why the weight should still be there  and be affecting my confidence so much. So with my new found energy and and my kick start thanks to Slimming World (I am currently at the half stone mark, well 3lbs off but I am hoping that will be gone by my next weigh in on Tuesday) I am hitting the diet and fitness hard!

Now I am not the sportiest person in the world and running isnt my favourite, especially with big boobs and bad knees, but I have found that if I just do short stints  of running I'm fine. So every night I do a few hill sprints which I combine with Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred. I'm hoping this combination of cardio and strength will get me the results I want and need.

As mentioned before fitness isnt my only tool for fighting the bulge but diet too and that comes in the form of Slimming World! Why I never did it before I dont know! Its AMAZING!!!!!!! It doesn't even feel like you are on a diet and the love and encouragement you get from the group is again AMAZING!! I really feel that this time the weight will come off and stay off.

With these two things in place and now set as a routine I feel am well on my way to finding my confidence and getting into that bikini at the end of the year. But time will only tell...I'l keep you posted!:)

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