I'm crazy about Crazy Colour...

Now I don't do beauty posts often and this probably wont change. When I use to be a beauty blogger I would spend so much on beauty products that I never ended up using and to be honest these days my makeup/beauty routine is pretty basic. So lets say when I do do a beauty post its because I really love the product and use it ALOT!! And that's why I want to share it with you.

Since losing allot of my hair to Cancer earlier this year , I have been wearing allot of wigs. But now that my hair is growing back and I am able to style it a bit, I have been enjoying it more and more. So much so that I have been going a little crazy when it comes to the colour. I have gone from Peacock Blue to Violet and just recently Lavender, Candy Floss Pink and Bubblegum Blue - current colour. And I am able to do all this damage free thanks to Crazy Colour!!

Crazy Colour is fantastic semi-permanent hair colour cream that tints and colours your hair the most amazing shades. You just apply to damp hair, leave for about 30min or so and wala you are transformed. As it is only semi permanent hair colour it will fade with every wash, so if you choose a very vibrant/bright colour you will need to keep applying the colour. But I found with the pastel colours it doesn't really matter when it fades, it just gives you a more subtle look.

You can find Crazy Colour in most hairdresser supply shops, on Amazon, Ebay and the Crazy Colour website. I love this colour so much! Its a cheap and a fantastic way to change your appearance and give you an extra bit of colour in your life.

So if you fancy a change, go Crazy and try Crazy Colour.

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