A Sunday Rescue...

This afternoon I rescued this tiny little mouse from my Cat Mandy's jaws of death! As much as I love my cat and other cats I can not bare how they feel the need to bring us presents of tiny creatures and birds. Alas  there is nothing much we can do as Cat owners but save as many as we can :)

This little guy was one of the lucky ones and in our short time together he brought us a lot of joy and my son beamed from ear to ear whilst in his tiny presence. Im sure Benji would have loved to have kept him and I know he is only little but I think it was good for him to learn that some things need to be set free and put where they are most happy.

 So after telling Benji the little mouse had to go home we said our goodbyes and watched him scurry back into the bushes. It was a sweet moment that ended with Benji wondering where it had gone, bless. I do love watching him grow up, learn and experience life.

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  1. Aww! That is such a cute little mouse. I'm glad he was helped out of Mandy's jaws of death. Hahaha! I bet the mouse was pretty thankful of you for saving him. Anyway, Benji looks like he wasn't at all afraid of the little thing. How brave of him! More rescues to come! :)

    Charis Amen @ Island Veterinary Group