sparkling blueberry lemonade...

It has been so hot in Hertfordshire lately and what better way is there to cool yourself down then with a deliciously cold glass of lemonade and not just any lemonade but sparkling blueberry lemonade. This is so easy to make and is made in just minutes, - inspired by the fabulous Joy The Baker


1 punnet of fresh blueberries (frozen berries would also work)
2 1/2 medium lemons squeezed of all their tangy goodness
1 cup sugar ( I use caster as it dissolves a bit better but granulated is fine)
1 good handful of  fragrant fresh mint
4 -5 glasses of sparkling spring water (still water is good too but I like bubbles)
ice to serve


1. Bung everything in the blender minus the ice. Wizz until everything is blended together.
2. Pass the mixture through a sieve to get rid of all the bits.
3. Pour into a jug full of ice and top with sparkling water.

and thats it... so simple,so satisfying.

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