lipstick saved my life ...

a post inspired by National Lipstick Day 

I have always loved lipstick, especially red and fuchsia, but I never thought that lipstick would help me through something as hard as cancer. But it did.

Cancer doesn't only affect you physically and emotionally but your self confidence takes a huge blow too. Chemo attacks your body as well as the cancer, causing your hair and lashes to fall out, your skin to become sensitive, dark circles become a permanent feature due to massive fatigue and in my case, thanks to steroids, put on weight (nearly 20kgs!!) When I looked in the mirror, in fact even now, I didn't  recognise myself, all I saw was a monster, a shadow of what was once Emily. Some people are OK with this, or don't mind necessarily looking ill. They embrace being bald and wear a head scarf but I wasn't  strong enough so instead I made a point not to look ill, not only for myself but for those around me. I did not want to be pitied or seen as ill, and the way I did that was with fabulous wigs and of course LIPSTICK.

I wore lipstick to every chemo!! My three favourites being MAC Wonder Woman Lipstick in Russian Red and Lime Crime Lipstick in Centrifuschia and Countessa Flouresent. These three colours all bold, bright and beautiful, gave me the confidence I needed to get through the 5 hours of chemo every two weeks and even the days I didn't have chemo. If was just feeling a bit low or feeling ugly I would apply some lipstick and then get on with the rest of my day!

       my lipstick sister and ray of light Joy (one of my chemo nurses)  - wearing Russian Red by MAC

Me walking the Electric Run for Cancer - wearing Countessa Flouresent by Lime Crime and a fabulous wig!

Its amazing how something like lipstick can bring so much confidence and help you get through a bad day, it may not work for everyone but it sure worked for me and still does!

So to end this post I want to say A HUGE Thank You to MAC and Lime Crime for helping me get through the hard times, in their own little way!

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