a good day...

Yesterday I got my final PET/CT scan results back and finally after a week of waiting  I can say I have beaten the Purple Monster! (Hodgkins Lymphoma)

Here is my story for those that don't know...

In December 2013 just days before a dream holiday in Aus with my family, my life was turned upside down with the news that I had stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma and instead of lying on the beach I was going to start a 6 month course of chemotherapy!Not only was I hit with that news but I was also told I would probably never be able to have another child.What could have been soul destroying i chose to use as motivation! After all I was still here, I had a gorgeous baby boy and allot of life to live!

I am now finished with chemo, the lumps in my neck are gone and I am 100% cancer free!I am one of the lucky ones and one of the grateful ones. Grateful to be able to live life! It has been a very hard and LONG journey, but thankfully it has finally come to an end!

Don't ever under estimate the power of  a positive attitude and the prayers of friends and family. I truly believe it was that that got me through this - and the consultants and chemo nurses. I have five years of check ups ahead of me but I am pretty sure that the cancer has gone for good!

For those who are still fighting or know someone that is. Keep positive, keep praying and know you are never alone in this fight.

Much love to you all

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