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Last weekend we took a mini road trip to Leeds to see a friend and visit Tropical World .

Tropical World at Roundhay Park,Leeds is one of the UKs most popular tourist attractions and home to the largest collection of tropical plants outside of Kew Gardens.

When we arrived in Leeds it took us a little while to find it, that could be down to our sense of direction, but once we did we found parking straight away right outside, which was fantastic and it was free.

First we took a walk round the gardens which were beautiful, I think we had just missed them at their best but that didn't matter as there was still plenty of beautiful flowers to look at.
It is all very child friendly  with a little fence around the water, thank goodness as Ben tried to climb over to get to the fountain, and there is plenty of space to run around.

After our walk round the garden we decided to go across the road for a drink at The Roundhay Fox. It is a lovely bar and restaurant, beautiful decorated with plenty of space inside and out and wonderful service. Unfortunately we didn't try anything on the menu but I am sure we will next time.

After a bit of refreshment we popped back over the road to Tropical World. 
As you enter you are immediately transported into a topical paradise filled with beautiful flowers and plants and the sound of birds chirping.
As you walk through there is plenty to see from giant koi fish, beautiful birds, butterflies, terrapins and even a crocodile. Our favourite however was in the desert section where you could find more birds, tortoises and meerkats. The meerkats were adorable with lots of babies. Ben loved it as there was a great viewing window.

There are many more animals, insects and fish to see such as snakes, spiders, lizards, catfish, Egyptian fruit bats, pygmy slow lorses and tenrecs  and to top it all off there is even a waterfall.

For a more detailed look at Tropical World and its different sections visit their website - Tropical World, Leeds for a virtual tour.

Overall it was a wonderful family day out and at 3.40 pp it was a cheap one too. I highly recommend a visit there, just be sure to take lots of water as it is very hot and humid. 
For mothers with small children/babies it is pram/pushchair friendly. Ben is only 14months so he spent most of our time there in his pram.

Tropical World Details

Opening/Closing times
Summer10am until 6pm (last admission at 5.30pm)
Winter10am until 4pm (last admission at 3.30pm)

Adults : £3.40
LeedsCard : £2.70
‘Extra’ cardholders : £1.70
Breezecard : £1.70
5-15 year olds : £2.30
Under 5’s : Free

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